pd_lunarbase A12

PD map set on a lunar space station with a low gravity area :D

  1. A12


    Came back to work on this map after several months of not touching it. Made allot of changes! Biggest of which being that I made CP A an outdoor low gravity area, similar to very early versions of the map. Having a dedicated low gravity area at all times did distract players from the map objective, though hopefully with the new design of the area and map in general it will find some balance.

    Major Changes:
    - Redesigned CP A to be outdoor low gravity area with elevated CP.
    - Players that get sucked into the blackhole now drop satellites in playspace.
    - Slight redesigned CP B with more ramps for more vertically gameplay space.
    - Removed jump pads in middle bridge area, and replaced them with ramps and platforms that lead up to the bridge.
    - Added custom hologram props on both CPs. (by Artesia https://tf2maps.net/downloads/3d-custom-holograms.549/)
    - Holograms glow to help to show players the current enabled CP.
    - Blocked off one of the routes to CP B.

    20200118165047_1.jpg 20200118164810_1.jpg 20200118164832_2.jpg 20200118165029_2.jpg
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