Olympia a16

Single-stage, four-point payload map with an alpine theme

  1. A6 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -removed sightlines on first point
    -blue team now moves forward in their spawn when first is captured
    -door on B's flank now opens when cart reaches garage door
    (previously opened when B was captured)
    -fixed being able to spawn in red's first spawn after B was captured
    -blue's third spawn's points and cabinet have been moved for ease of access
    -added detail to train's route
  2. A5 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -opened previously closed flank route on second point
    -replaced boulder at first point with catwalk structure
    -moved health and ammo pack locations
  3. A4 Changes

    Toolbox 24
    -packed assets that had not been packed
  4. A3 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -added second exit to red's first spawn
    -added indoor/outdoor soundscapes
    -added windows to flank routes
    -fixed clipping issues
    -detailed blue's first spawn
    -decreased the second point's flank route's window size
    -blocked off various sight lines on first point
  5. A2 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -gave indoor areas more consistent lighting
    -gave blue team some height on one of the B flanks
    -added a divider on D to break up sight lines
    -added directional signs for both teams throughout the map
    -labeled each capture point


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