Olympia a26

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Olympia a26

Single-stage, four-point payload map with an alpine theme

Olympia is a four-point payload map set in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with an alpine theme.
Toolbox 24
First release
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Latest updates

  1. A26 changes

    General Changes: -Adjusted the lighting's ambient color to be less saturated First Point: -Pushed Blu spawn 256 units back -Added a building on the right route (when coming out of Blu Spawn) -Closed up the skybox Fourth Point: -Made certain...
  2. A25 Changes

    Second Point: -Adjusted some cover Third Point: -Changed the buildings just above the third point Fourth Point: -Changed the main entrance into last to not give Blu as big of an advantage as they previously had
  3. A24 changes

    First Point: -Changed around the flank routes in the middle, large cave -Red Team now immediately respawns after 1st is captured Second Point: -Redid the right side flank route (when looking from First Point to Second Point) -Red's First Spawn...