Olympia a16

Single-stage, four-point payload map with an alpine theme

  1. A16 changes

    Toolbox 24
    Overall Changes
    -replaced more dev textures

    Second Point
    -Added new route to first point from red spawn
  2. A15 changes

    Toolbox 24
    First Point
    -added ticking noises to cart

    Second Point
    -added textures
    -raised door of left flank 64 hu
    -made windows clear

    Third Point
    -removed flank on left side
    -began detailing even more
    -changed courtyard around third point

    Fourth Point
    -redid fourth point
  3. A14 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -opened up third point to reduce choke
    -raised skybox height throughout most of the map
    -removed clipping from certain roofs
    -began adding textures around second and third point
  4. A13 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -added soundscapes
    -raised skybox ceiling around last point
    -uploaded most recent version this time
  5. A12 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -extended blue balcony on second so 100% movement speed classes could jump across
    -added a one way door outside of red's first spawn leading to first point
    -remade red's first spawn for better flow
    -began optimizing third/fourth point
    -changed third point to make it easier for red to hold
    -reduced sightlines around fourth point
  6. A11 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -basically remade the entire map :/
  7. A10 changes

    Toolbox 24
    -redid the first half of first point including blu's first spawn
    -added a third entrance into the second point for attackers
    -added a door that closes off an overpowered flank into second point
    -added a spawn room closer to third point for red team
    -added more vertical areas for red team on last point
  8. A9 Changes

    Toolbox 24
    -removed snow from map
    -changed layout of last point flanks
    -changed cover around first point
    -further detailed map areas
  9. A8 Changes

    Toolbox 24
    -began detailing first area of map
    -added ramp at the end closest to health pack on the catwalk
    -better clipped pipe on first point
    -raised the ceiling of second point by 64 units
    -added more height options around third point
    -gave red a second route into third point

    -removed sightlines in between third point and fourth point
    -gave blue team one way flank onto fourth point
    -added more health/ammo by third point
    -reduced sightlines on fourth point
  10. A7 Changes

    Toolbox 24
    -gave the entire map a snow-covered makeover
    -removed ramp on first point. is now a one way path for blue
    -added a trigger_hurt inside the large garage door at third point
    -added a wall inside the second point to reduce sightlines
    -added railing on flank route to second point
    -removed mid door beam inside the garage
    -removed dropdown on last point
    -added windows into the small house on last