Newbine rc1

Complete rework of the original Turbine

  1. Walrus Wambagoni
    Walrus Wambagoni
    Version: rc1
    Just great. said it all already, don't need to say it again.
    Version: rc1
    This is a map.

    This is a map that took something so horrible, so painful, so...dull and-and-and boring, took something so frustratingly simple...and made it honestly beautiful and possibly even worth playing outside of

    This is a map that I would honestly, no joke, pay money to get this map onto a 32 player server and experience the wide open battlefield and see just how grand and expansive the highly detailed and improved layout is.

    This is a map that I want to see get put into the featured list for being so impressive and pleasing: and before anybody is all like "But it's a remake of a map, it can't be in the featured category!" Gorge event is in that selection of maps, so why can't Newbine be?

    THIS is a map.