1. ampere

    Turbine Deathmatch a1

    Turbine, but without the intel or spawn rooms. Only mid. I made it night time and removed the player clip above the catwalk cabin. Intended for deathmatch use with SOAP-DM.
  2. aceman

    ctf_poolbine V1

    i replaced the turbines with a pool and the intels have a pool also thats it, also the diving board works. make sure to watch out for pyrosharks!
  3. FateFighter

    Map render error

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running command: cd "A:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. Spartakus

    72hr Jam 2023 Turbine in Minecraft (With a twist) 2023-09-17

    I remade Turbine but in Minecraft BUT, All from memory because of the short period of that I had to make it, I didn't connect the BLU and RED areas together but you can still acess them with a command block (Since it's all made from memory don't except a lot of details, especially knowing that...
  5. CF-TF2

    TurbineDam 1

    This is an old map that I made for a video where I created separate paths to stop the spawn camping problem in Turbine and created a Dam in the middle to look more open. This map will likely stay unfinished for a while until I pick it back up again.
  6. MrStabed

    King of the Hill Turbine 1

    This map turns Turbine into a fun new koth map!
  7. floofycatto

    Gravelhouse (cancelled, free to edit without credit) a5a

    Gravelhouse was a turbine aesthetic inspired koth map that takes the aesthetic and attempts to reinvent it, while taking liberties with making it's own gameplay style, attempting to put the "king of the hill" name into the gameplay style
  8. Stack Man

    Terminus b3a

    Terminus... or... the place that exists at the end of the world.
  9. Rbstat

    ShellShock 2022-11-21

    A ww1 themed 5cp map that has been designed to deliberately be bad, in a similar way that Turbine is bad. Except that A: The whole map is a straight line so that it can be absolute sniper hell. and B: making it 5cp so that it forces teams to make pushes and defenses, so that it can't become a...
  10. Aulli

    Trainbine a1

    I took turbine and remade it from scratch with some of doublecross' design aspects.
  11. Roboto

    Windwell b1a

  12. BombaSticked

    desalination_plant a1a

  13. HMK-3

    2rbine A7

    An Artpass/rebalance of the popular and bad/good map of Turbine Currently, the layout is in development. (please give feedback) The visuals are on hold, so, please. don't comment on floating props or red textures on the blu side.
  14. Owli

    cp_gravelbine a11

    Started as a turbine concept and became its own thing.
  15. D

    Turbine With No Turbines A3

    After many minutes of extensive usage of the delete key, Turbine With No Turbines is finally here! Explore the sprawling ventilation systems (1 branch, takes you to your intel or a concrete wall) and large open spaces (the only large open space was entirely removed) of ctf_turbine in a way that...
  16. John_Galt_1957

    cp_turbine R1

    I probably will not update this map unless someone suggests a change that is needed.
  17. nesman

    Small Turbines with Team Colors v1

    I've been needed a small version of the generator01 on Laborde thats in the red variant. I edited the powerhouse version to be just the top half with RED and BLU skins. To Install: Drop the "models" folder into the "tf" folder.
  18. Satedling

    Turbine Sunrise RC1

    - A Capture the Flag map with a Frontline! theme. this is how have up strings Pick it Up Content with frontline and come on now. Custom Assets: The Frontline Pack Version 1.3. Wind Turbine.
  19. ShadowisCoolx3

    Koth_Gateway_A1 Koth_Gateway_A1

    this is my second map ever made, sorry if it sucks, I'm fairly new to mapping. It was also made in a rush. (3 days and a half) It really needs further testing, though, Feel free to give feedback if needed. I hope you enjoy.
  20. HelloThere

    mvm_turbine b3

    Nobody asked for this, but I did it anyways, because why not. As the name suggests, it's a MVM version of Turbine, complete with Engie-bot and Tank support, so it should work with any working popfile you throw at it (if you properly change the spawnbot and tank track names, that is). It also has...