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CTF Newbine rc1

Complete rework of the original Turbine

  1. <2F F> | PJX

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    Newbine - Complete rework of the original Turbine


    "Welcome to the Hale River Nuclear Power Plant! The safest plant in the world!"
    May I introduce you to Newbine! A complete rework of Turbine made from scratch. Featuring a new theme, improved sightlines, a completly remade mid section, less camp-/ and spamable areas, flankroutes and much more!
    And most important of all: a timer!


    - new power plant theme
    - remade the entire map from scratch
    - completly reworked mid
    - improved sightlines
    - more flank routes
    - timer (thank god)
    - improved spawn routes and exits
    - less campable / spam-able
    - vents are replaced by hallway
    - jump class friendly
    - mid is outdoors


    1. Open up your Console (~)

    2. Type in "map ctf_newbine_rc1" (without the quotation marks)

    3. DONE!


    Flobster - original map
    PJX - Textures and overlays, recreating turbine from scratch, fixing, optimization
    Princess Fluffy - initial testing and feedback
    Valve - art direction references
    Shyro - initial feedback
    Captain Maxxy - map complaining, testing and feedback
    XTac - testing and feedback
    Stylerkiller - testing and feedback
    iiboharz - spytech monitor model


    GEquals - 1951 Chairman Secretary
    iiboharz - Spytech monitor
    FubarFX - Fubar's quality plumbing set
    ASG_Alligator - Skyboxified Prop Pack
    Acumen - office stool
    Square - Vehicle Prop pack
    Apom - rotating air intake
    Void - decontamination nozzles
    Rexy - Forklift
    Rexy - File cabinets
    Rexy - Chemical containers
    Rexy - The Chairman
    TheDarkerSideofYourShadow - Skybox pinetrees
    TheDarkerSideofYourShadow - Flatbed Truck and trailer


    - 24 Feb @ 4:14pm 2018

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  2. Harritron

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    This might actually get me playing turbine again... Interesing.
  3. MegapiemanPHD

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    Interesting changes. Reminds me a lot of de_nuke visually.