72 hour jam 2020

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  1. 14bit

    The 2020 72 Hour TF2 Jam Showcase!

    Header by Flipy and Pdan, featuring entries from Erk, sinnamon and Redbirb, Strno8, Mikroscopic, R△iииyy, Boba and Phe, and this year's logo from Void featuring work from AxioMr, Veliass, Barno, Majora, SediSocks, JeddyK, and hutty. Welcome back to the showcase! The 2020 Jam wrapped up...
  2. The Chump

    What makes ME a good Fall Guy? 2020-09-07

    WELL IF I WOS A BAD FALL GUY, I WOULDN'T BE SITTIN HERE, DISCUSSIN IT WITH YE NOW WOULD I?!?! TF2's Demoman as a Fall Guy! Took me around 2 hours to make and colour :) Link to RED and BLU versions: https://imgur.com/gallery/w0KCUjE
  3. Call_Me_Meme

    Castlefort a1

    My 2020 72h summer Jam (and also my first capture point map) For TF2 Classic. Doesn't seem to work in live TF2. I only made it for TF2C because my TF2 hammer install is broken (something about invalid game files.) Images: https://imgur.com/a/EUOlfZq Dropbox download link...
  4. bucklingspring

    koth_deodorant A1

    I decided to use this 72-hour content jam to learn the ins and outs of Hammer. The final product is a fully-playable KOTH map! Please keep in mind that my primary objective was to become familiar and comfortable with the tools and limitations of Source and Hammer, and creating a map that plays...
  5. baylock

    Ruins [72hr]

    A short adventure map Credits: E-Arkham - Mayann Prop Pack Freyja - Freyja's Egyptian Assets Ravidge - Pacific Palm Trees Void - Dusk till Dawn Skyboxes
  6. vrkian

    Kings of Hearts 2020-09-07

    Here’s my entry for the 2020 72hr Jam! I went quite a ways out of my comfort zone for this, and I’m extremely happy this came out as well as it did. Huge thank you to Ardate from LazyPurple’s Discord server for helping me with shading techniques! I owe her my life. (Lastly, an obligatory plug...
  7. Vulgar Jack-Priest

    Rappy 'n' Demo Defend 2020-09-07

    This my work on some most popular Dr.Face characters Rappy and Demo
  8. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Something Borrowed (SFM Animation)

    Don't take what is not yours, there could be consequences.... An SFM Short made within 17 hours for the TF2 72Hour Summer Jam 2020. Timelapse can be found here! But for now, the submission!
  9. Tang

    Labor Day for the Merc's (72H)

    Just because they have to kill each other every day, does not mean they do not get a day off! This is my first 72 Hour Jam entry ever, and despite that its now exactly what I want, I am satisfied nonetheless. Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this!
  10. ZeBadmedic

    Untitled Valve Game 2020-09-07

    Here is my Entry for the 72 Hour Jam. After last Years Medium (Source Filmmaker 3D Poster) I thought I try a new Medium: 2D Art. I took the Artstyle of Untitled Goose Game because I'm new to Drawing and it's a good beginner Artstyle. What comes next Year? 3D Modelling? Short Video? I don't know...
  11. sinnamon

    Badwater Map Artwork 2020-09-07

    A illustration collaboration between my friend Red and me! She did the character art & payload icons and I did the background painting & editing. Red: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088199808 https://www.instagram.com/redkehlchen/ https://twitter.com/redkehlchen Me...
  12. Usskids

    It's Unusual | Unusual Effect

    What can I say!? It's unusual! This is my entry for the 72hr Jam 2020! If you would like, you can vote the effect in the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2222125299
  13. Egeus4

    Napper's respite pyro 2020-09-07

    Inspired from tf2 wiki picture for napper's respite 72hourjam
  14. VAEI

    KONG KING 2020-09-07

    Do you like Chinese cityscapes? I do :> SFM + Photoshop Made this in 5~ hours
  15. .....

    ctf_boardingaction B1

  16. 14bit

    National a6a

    TC in under 72 hours.
  17. c0cainum

    Eviction Notice - (72 Hour Jam Artwork) 2020-09-07

    Done in Garry's Mod after my current Heavy loadout!
  18. Da Spud Lord

    72Spud 2020 (Detail) V1a

    Explore the wreckage of a partially collapsed and long-since abandoned mining facility. My entry for the TF2Maps 2020 72-Hour Jam, finished, compiled, and submitted with 12 hours remaining. There's plenty more stuff that could be done, but I'm running out of time and energy, and I'm satisfied...
  19. Extra Ram

    Spycheck - (72 Hour Jam Artwork)

    Digital painting done of my current Pyro loadout! Done in Procreate
  20. Extra Ram

    The One-Man

    A fun mechanical head item for the Engineer, inspired by everyone's favorite Autobot leader from the Transformers franchise; Optimus Prime! Modelling, Texturing, Rigging & All the other real important work: JZeeb Concept & SFM Promowork by ExtraRam Additional Promowork & TFMV renders: Bonk...