mvm_gd_frostine b9

snowy 2cp mvm

  1. r0nii
    Snowy map made for the guardian dynamica event

    Map is designed for two players only!
    Defend your control points from the robots

    6 missions available!
    5waves normal
    7waves intermediate
    8waves advanced
    7waves advanced2
    5waves challenge
    1wave 666

    recommented to play only intermediate, adv1 and adv2.
    recommented to play 666 with 6players to have fun.
    challenge mission is very hard and may not be fun.
    normal is very easy. good for newbies.

    map may lose the support after event ends


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Recent Updates

  1. bug fixes
  2. few fixes and changes
  3. sentrybuster stun fix

Recent Reviews

  1. FlipFTW
    Version: b9
    Frostline is the closest thing I've experienced to a traditional MvM but in Guardian gamemode. To be honest it feels like what you'd expect from the transition, waves are difficult to handle and play almost like a puzzle to try to find the right class/weapon composition to handle.

    Layout-wise I found both holding and pushing to be satisfying yet difficult. The first CP shed was very claustrophobic, with little significant health that wouldn't involve taking a large risk or taking myself out of the fight.

    The short bot-stun on cap as well as high ground over the player spawn once reaching the open means the map places a large emphasis on chokes for victory.

    Overall I had a fun experience playing through the waves, but they were a little brutal for my taste. In future versions I'd be interested if you tried to experiment with giving players high-ground, more space in general, and maybe less threatening/high-damage bots.
    1. r0nii
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the reviewing! the gd_frostine will stay mostly like it is now but i will recreate this map into default mvm and the map will be extended and red will most likely spawn on high ground. I will try to make the mvm version not so brutal as the gd version is.