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  1. Dr. Martex

    CP Gravelfall a1

    Welcome to Gravelfall, a 3CP attack/defend map with an MvM theme. Taking place after the events of TF-Comics #6, the robots have come back from one final brawl, while red team holes up in an abandoned Mann Co. Data Center/gravel processing plant. Be aware, this map is very early alpha, I'm...
  2. e1ectro

    The Mind Blowing Adventure: Engi - Robot killer. 1

    An engineer killed during a 2 hour game on 2fort. He was taken to the hospital, where he was made into a cyber soldier in order to destroy the robots. The video shows the upgrade process.
  3. BadassCook

    Bonecrusher Event b3

    (Remake of the 3cp Bonecrusher)
  4. Jakapoa

    mvm_gd_crossing b3b

    A Mann Co distribution center out in the badlands is under robot attack! Crossing is a Guardian Dynamica MvM map meant for two players. Players must defend a roadside Mann Co distribution center from invading robots. Features 3 capture points. Robots will attempt to capture one of the A...
  5. r0nii

    mvm_gd_frostine b9

    Snowy map made for the guardian dynamica event Map is designed for two players only! Defend your control points from the robots 6 missions available! map may lose the support after event ends
  6. Jmar

    UpRoar A2

    The robots are causing an uproar in a small city where one of Mann Co's buildings are located in! If you have any feedback please let me know so i can improve this map. There are 2 missions for now. Big thanks to Sergeant Chrwips for making a mission for the map and helping me update it.
  7. Mess About

    Moontown a1

    Note: Even though the map has packed, but if the robots don't move, type in the console nav_generate, the robots are actually bots so they needs nav_mesh to work ___________________________________________________ A bit different than normal RD maps layout, where you go deeper for higher tier...
  8. SnakedSnack

    [MVM] Overgreen 2018-02-25

    Greetings to jungle-themed mann vs machine map. After half-year in development, hopefully this map would have been worth the wait. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLAY NEW MISSION PACKS MADE BY COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Missions made by Sergeant Crwhips - two...
  9. ᴰ ᴱ ᴿ ᴾ ᴵ ᴼ

    Real Tin 2017-08-07
  10. fresha

    We're Gettin' Frickin' Swarmed Here 2017-08-06

    this is my fourth finished sfm poster I've been wanting to take a shot at doing a paintover and it was actually a lot of fun c: steam version scout paintover before and after pauling model derringer model
  11. Sentry

    Need missions for MvM

    At the beginning sorry for my English. Hey, I'm making map for Mappers vs Machines event, and I need someone who can make for me missions. I know, it's late, but if someone have a free time, please help me. :)
  12. Wyona

    72hr Soldier Drawing A1

    I Exported The Drawing As An Image File As It Refused To Put The Full File In.