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  1. ♓Seelpit♓

    Colorable Robot Holograms 1

    Have you ever been messing around with those cool holograms on MvM maps, when you notice that they always have that blue hue on them? Don't you ever wish you could make them a proper purple, or grey, or white? I'll assume your answer is yes, in which case, you should indeed download this! The...
  2. Business_Vader

    Redcorp b3

    Red team constructs an office building, which is totally not a front for secret and highly illegal activity to make sure that Gray mann's source of money never reaches his pockets. However, with the building found out, so to does Gray construct an office building, which is also totally not a...
  3. Reliantlers

    Giant Heavy Robot With Extra Animations 2021-12-20

    A big heavy bot with extra animations, as well as some default ones modified for easier map use. Comes with an optional grey "neutral" skin, ontop of the red, blue and uber skins. I had other plans for the 72hr event but quickly realized it was too ambitious for the limited time given, so I...
  4. MastahDizzy

    Pyro Style 2021-12-19

    My submission to the 72-Hour Jam of 2021 ! DeviantArt Link Twitter Link Steam Profile
  5. *Turns into crocodile*

    turnsintocroc mc19 a1

  6. r0nii

    mvm_gd_frostine b9

    Snowy map made for the guardian dynamica event Map is designed for two players only! Defend your control points from the robots 6 missions available! map may lose the support after event ends
  7. Yaki

    Medieval Aeon A16

    "You're on a secret island base that has the potential to deactivate all the robots that Grey Mann has created. However, Grey Mann found it... And you're caught with your pants down because you don't have any firearms to defend yourselves with! Grab your ol' bottle of scrumpy, your bow and...
  8. Cindycomma

    Engineer bots aren't moving in MVM

    Hello everyone! I'm not too sure why, but whenever I play one of my mvm maps, the engineer bot does nothing. Yes, I used nav_generate, and only the engineer bot doesn't move. Any reason behind this?
  9. Simulacron

    Where are the mvm bot templates stored?

    After a few hours of searching on the internet and in the tf2 files without sucess I'm now posting this question here. I want to know the location where the robot_giant.pop and robot_normal.pop (or is it bot_normal.pop and bot_giant.pop? I'm not sure after all.) is stored. If these aren't...
  10. ᴰ ᴱ ᴿ ᴾ ᴵ ᴼ

    Real Tin 2017-08-07
  11. ✨Majora✨

    BLU Bots 2017-08-05

    I tried to use this as an opportunity to experiment with stuff like the golden ratio, I failed miserably.
  12. Sexy Brioche

    Synthesize 2017-07-30

    "After being continuously ravaged by robots, Mann Co. has created its own facility to research and produce bots of its own. Knowing this, Gray Mann has organized an attack on the facility to obliterate any traces of Mann Co.'s own army. Team up with your fellow mercenaries to preserve the...
  13. ComradeRoffel

    MVM Robots walk from spawn to bomb shaft in a straight line, i want them to go another route

    Between my Robot spawn and the bombshaft i have a path to the right, bots wont go there and instead they will ignore it completely. I have put some func_nav_prefers with team set to blue but they ignore those to. I have then put a simple wall infront of the bomb so that they HAVE to go to the...
  14. Labet1001

    72hr Armwrestling 2017-02-11

    It's a picture that mimics the old video quality of a vhs and in the picture heavy is shown arm wrestling with his robot version while both teams cheer them on. Made in gmod and edited in photoshop.