mvm_gd_crossing b2

A two player mvm map

  1. B2 Update

    • Touched up outer design of front house.
    • Added some detailiing to lower A point so it's not completely barebones.
    • Light detailing to outer warehouse.
    • Changed color of rocks to match ground textures.
    • Spawn room visuals created.
    • Realign some health and ammo kits with the ground.
    • Fixed missing road overlay at robot spawn.
    • Added signage to various areas.
    • Fixed car driving backwards down the road.
    • Added two cars back into road...
  2. Nav Optimizations

    Nav Tweaks:
    • Fix spys spawing behind the upgrade station.
    • Fix bots running over the mound on a_lower path when pathing to point B.
    • Removed excess navs.
    • Optimized some connections.