mvm_gd_crossing b3a

A two player mvm map

  1. FlipFTW
    Version: b1_nav
    The Good:
    The dynamic elements in the map blew me away, the "store" is well implemented and the layout of having two A points created some really interesting value out of the same area. Wave compositions had a good mix of bot variety to keep things interesting.

    The Bad:
    The map detailing leaves many details vague/unclear, I'll be the first to admit I was very close to missing the entire forward upgrade booth area before starting the first wave, thinking the shutters were mere detail. It adds to the confusion that just outside of the player spawn there is another similar shutter - expect this one doesn't open.

    Cover and highground are usually crucial concepts for determining if an area is hold-able, the series of cars make most holds there tenuous at best, leaving the lower portion of the map as a sort of no-man's land, especially after being pushed back at all (very difficult to reclaim). At times holding further back combined with the wave pacing caused uncomfortably long lulls, underpowered groups, or stragglers.

    The Ugly:
    After one wave (I think 3) where we lost the forward point but held last, the next wave started with bots coming from the forward spawn despite never having capped the point. I assume this is just a quick reset relay fix but it was rather distressing.

    The dynamic element is unfortunately a victim to its own creativity. The "Money collection" is simply a must pick, and the rest of the upgrades are not really reliably permanent, leaving the next best option to possibly be the cars. For the sake of variety I attempted to pick the napalm and lightning/tesla two waves but was very disappointed with their effectiveness

    A very neat map, though I have to hesitantly say it feels more like a proof of concept than a finished product. I think moving forward it would be a good idea to attempt some balancing around the powerups and perhaps culling some of the dead space. It may be because I was at the end of my play session, but I had a desire for more chaos than I got from my play-through of the map.