Multistage KotH (A/D) v3

Multistage attack/defend koth

  1. Hyperion
    Prefab for multistage attack-defend koth, 3 stages, can be extended to 8 stages. Based on ABS Mapping Pack prefabs.

    Key features & how it works
    -60 seconds setup time
    -Red has to hold 3 minutes and Blu 2 minutes to win the stage
    -After Red has won a stage, map resets (essentially like any multistage map does)
    -All times can be adjusted

    Editing times
    Firstable, most of the times must be changed from at least two different places. For example setup time must be set to tf_logic_koth and team_round_timer. So, be careful, the logic is very fragile. Secondly, don't get confused about zz_timers, it is just how the game works.

    Known bugs
    -O-o-o-o-overtime. Announcer goes mad when there is overtime. Please someone help me fix it (tf_overtime_nag 0 didn't help)

    Thanks to @A Boojum Snark for mapping pack and @Freyja for Sulfur logic that helped me a lot

    Symmetrical TC-style version coming tomorrow unless I encounter problems with it.