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  1. Sonoma

    Looking for a collaborator for my Pyroland themed map Candyland

    I'm looking for someone to help collaborate on making a layout for my Pyroland themed multi-stage payload map (Candyland), I'm currently iterating on the 1st stage, but I am struggling to come up with the layout for the next two stages. This is an unexplored theme, and it is a huge undertaking...
  2. Le Codex

    Best of 5 Prefab V2

    Ever wanted to make Multistage Arena? Then this prefab got you covered. Best of 5 is a recreation of Arena with a multistage aspect. The teams will start on a random stage and then rotate after one team wins. First team to reach 3 points win the game. Instructions: Place all the logic at the...
  3. norfolk

    Medieval Norfolk MC18 a7a

    A formerly 2-stage, now 3-stage medieval payload race map featuring a throne room and mysterious cave. Push giant team-colored steaks to victory!! Discover the crazy secrets of this map I made in a concerningly short amount of time (by my standards)! Cart Model Used...
  4. 14bit

    Microcontest #18: Lockout

    Welcome to Microcontest 18: Lockout We're detecting dangerously high levels of mapping energy, so today we're enacting some special new safety procedures. To comply with these new standards to ensure we don't overload the systems, you've all been completely locked out of working with any...
  5. zythe_

    Multi Stage hoodiehoo s1_a1

    [this map will have 3 stages! only stage 1 currently exists!] the tag line is not joking, there is a brush outside the map that prevents the map from failing to compile that ive textured with a coconut. this map was designed after goldrush hoodoo and a little bit of dustbowl, but mostly hoodoo...
  6. zythe_

    Multi Stage purloin_s1 a5a

  7. zythe_

    Multi Stage machestage1 a6

    I adopted this map from, who woulda guessed, @Paper_ Currently only stage 1 exists, but 2 more stages are planned.
  8. zythe_

    Multi Stage darkmesa_fs a14

    a multistage payload map set at night! (only the final stage currently exists)
  9. 14bit

    Multi Stage Paper14bit a1

    Made for Microcontest 2: Multistage Madness, in which participants created the first stage of a payload map, and then the vmfs were randomly swapped and participants had to create a second stage for someone else's map! First stage created by @Paper_, second stage by me. Features a big...
  10. 14bit

    Microcontest #2: Multistage Madness

    Welcome to Microcontest 2! Time commitment: Around 5 hours Difficulty: 5/5 We need at least two players, or this won't work, please respond to this thread if you plan on participating. This is a two-phase microcontest that involves each contestant making two stages for a payload map...
  11. AlrexX

    Multi Stage Iron Ridge A1

    For Back2Basics contest. My second attempt at making a good CP map, now Attack/Defense instead of 5CP. Known Issues: - Clip ceiling/skybox is a bit too low. - Lights are obnoxiously bright, to the point that some faces are glowing red for some reason.
  12. Main Clitweiner Wolfcl0ck

    Nav_generate only generates navigational mesh for one stage on Payload

    Hello. As the name implies, using nav_generate only gives me a working nav mesh for stage 1 of a 3 stage payload map I am making. Is it necessary for me to manually edit and update the navigational mesh for all 3 stages just in order to get bots to work past the first stage? If so, are there any...
  13. OctoBlitz

    Kahoalii a7a

    Trouble in Paradise... Kahoalii is a Payload map set on a Red controlled island, disguised as a tourist hot spot and resort alongside the Hawaiian islands. This map was designed for the Tf2maps Payload Checklist Contest, by Octoblitz and Xelily The Current checklist items this map featured: ✓...
  14. Stiffy360

    Multi Stage CP_Hopper a5

    A Multistage Attack and Defense map. Currently only has the first stage, but will eventually have 3 stages. Capture points are close and rounds are meant to be fairly short. Set in a granary theme.
  15. Hyperion

    Redfall a2

    Standard two point multistage payload map... for now. The map has prefix "tcpl_" and part will come later, stage by stage. The map is quite long to be multistage (about 20% longer than most maps). There is no forward spawns yet and testing will show if blue needs one. The theme and textures are...
  16. Sor

    Sidero A6

    5CP nothing to really say here, very generic.
  17. Luther

    Multi Stage Frosty Outpost a2

    An multi stage attack/defend map played in a frosty outpost somewhere in the mountains. Let me know what you think. Resources used: Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack
  18. P

    plr_Gravel Stage 1 (DISCONTINUED) a7

    Keeping this for archive purposes Stage One of an idea that suddenly appeared. Both teams were hired to blow up a pile of gravel that is rumored to contain a large amount of australium, but only the team that blows up the gravel is getting payed.
  19. Hyperion

    Multistage KotH (A/D) v3

    Prefab for multistage attack-defend koth, 3 stages, can be extended to 8 stages. Based on ABS Mapping Pack prefabs. Key features & how it works -60 seconds setup time -Red has to hold 3 minutes and Blu 2 minutes to win the stage -After Red has won a stage, map resets (essentially like any...