Mountain Mine A5

A PLR map that goes down, around, through and out of a mountain.

  1. Total Remake

    Total remake of the map.

    Skipped A4 since the way it was going didn't feel right, so I burned it down and started over.

    End area and bridge got a remake.

    Carts start in the ore depository freshly filled with gems.

    Open ramp in the back of the depository to drop down onto the bridge.

    Added a giant auger that'll kill you if you get too close.

    Made a single crossover point for the carts.

    The spawns are now on opposite sides of the map facing each other.

  2. Minecart Fix

    Fixed an error on the first crossing that prevented the blu cart from crossing if red crossed first.

    Changed the window textures in the spawnrooms.

    Added area_portals.

    Added a tall box at the first crossing for a bit more cover.

    Added dirt and crystals to carts.


    1. 20170918233935_1.jpg
    2. 20170918234029_1.jpg
  3. Respawn and Mine Remake

    Remade the spawnrooms and made proper battlements along with a lot more cover on the first area.

    Completely remade the 'mine' area into a large cavern and removed the lift mechanic whilst adding more cover.

    Added corridors into the cavern from the lower area connecting the two spawns over looking the bridge.

    Added more cover on the bridge as well.


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