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Mountain Mine A5

A PLR map that goes down, around, through and out of a mountain.

  1. Pominalis
    First map I made that's not a stage for SFM, so if you test it out please tear it a new one.

    I know that tall maps are frowned upon, but I wanted to try to make one that has C.Q.B. and decent cover. I tried to balance Sniper sight lines and the mobility of Demos, Soldiers and Scouts with enough cover for everyone else.

    About The Map:
    -It's symmetrical, so I used symmetric props to make the layout balanced.
    -The Spawnrooms have 5 exits to reduce the risk of spawn camping, with one that only opens once their teams gets down the lift so they can access the 'mines'.
    -The track as 2 crossovers; one at the beginning and one in the 'mines'.
    -Access to the 'mines' for the cart is in front of and below the enemy's spawn, this is where issues may arise.
    -The cart will roll down most of the way with a stop in the middle on the way there, the sides of which are surfable.
    -There are no full health or ammo boxes, just small(3) and medium(3).
    -The bridge connecting the mountain and base camp has cables that can get you back up to spawn.
    -On the bridge is some elevated cover surrounded by boxes, you can use these with the lower stack of barrels to get on top of it.
    -Base camp has a long elevated cover that can be built on and covers the cap-points.
    -First one to bring their (empty for testing) mine cart to base camp wins.

    (I know the lighting isn't the best but it should be good enough to see what's going on.)


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Recent Reviews

  1. Rhyan
    Version: A5
    Really cool concept, Its like Thunder Mountain But Going down.Also i think you should ether have something in the mine at the start. or Make something fall into it when it reaches final point. other then that this looks like its gonna be a great map.