Khonsu A2

yaas queen

  1. skaztf
    Yo so is map is a combination of 2 maps I've created in the past (karnak and swampass)

    designed to be played in tf2 with the classes provided by valve, don't forget to use ur mouse and keyboard or controller or Nintendo ds if ur into that.


    1. cp_khonsu_a10005.jpg
    2. cp_khonsu_a10002.jpg
    3. cp_khonsu_a10000.jpg
    4. cp_khonsu_a10001.jpg
    5. cp_khonsu_a10006.jpg
    6. cp_khonsu_a10004.jpg
    7. cp_khonsu_a10003.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. A2 - Many small improvements