Malcano A3

2cp a/d with lava and rocks and stuff

  1. Version A3

    Major Changes
    - last has been overhauled once again (this is the part of the map that needs the most feedback)
    - left route for BLU has been widened slightly and has its rock moved to combat sneaky airblasts
    - BLU now has a forward spawn (probably should've been there in a1)

    Minor Changes
    - most roof edges have been turned nonsolid
    - you can now jump off the outside area in BLU spawn and kill yourself, have fun (as at least two people wished they could do in the feedback)
  2. Version A2

    Major Changes
    - map is now in dark mode (night theme, may or may not keep it)
    - new exit from BLU spawn
    - made flanks feel more flanky and less "small main route"
    - widened path along the left side to A to make it feel more "main"
    - added parts of solid ground to the lava in front of A to make it not as annoying
    - added slight high ground for BLU on their left side of A
    - widened A building significantly and made building behind lead into it
    - last + the lobby leading into last has...