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  1. Entity Report

    Cold Quarry A1

    Do you remember? The 21st night of September?
  2. DHet

    KOTH_BOILER V1 1.0.0

    My first map and my first upload for!
  3. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidlava2 _a3e

    A KOTH map with lava. But this is no normal lava - instead of instantly killing you, it deals 20 damage and flings you up and forward. The map's gameplay is somewhat tailored around this mechanic. The map is also pretty labyrinthine and vaguely halloween/hell-themed. Skybox is mpa95 by...
  4. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidlava _a1a

    A KOTH map with lava. But this is no normal lava - instead of instantly killing you, it deals 40 damage, sets you on fire for 3 seconds and flings you up in the air. The map's gameplay is somewhat tailored around this mechanic. You'd better memorise where the health packs are...
  5. radarhead

    Texture Lava Flow

    radarhead submitted a new resource: Lava Flow - Scrolling Lava Flow Texture Read more about this resource...
  6. radarhead

    Lava Flow 1

    Contains 2 VMTs: nature/lavawall001a (Standard for world brushes) nature/lavawall001_blend (Blends to a brighter, hotter lava texture)
  7. Kunny

    Vulcan a7

    If you can't take the heat, get outta the lava. three point payload map for burning to death enthusiasts.
  8. Jameson

    Molten a1

    HOT! Molten is a gorge-like ad map with 2 points, including the addition of lava side routes for classes that feature fire resistance/extinguishables. The lava uses a trigger_ignite and deals 20 dmg per second without any resistances so there is potential for environmental kills. Not sure how...
  9. B!scuit

    ctf_cp_pl_onsen a2

    My submission for Microcontest #17 Inspired by Bowser's Castle from Super Mario Odyssey Gamemode prefab from a scrapped april fools idea Features assets from: Japan pack Frontline pack Freyja's Egyptian Assets
  10. ethosaur

    sb_rockbottom 2021-08-27

    Port of the drunk driving section from PTSD 2 mod, made by me. Based on the Spongebob movie game, "Now that were men" level. (Original geometry/level design, but textures are from the game) This has been edited to function in TF2. Including red/blu spawns, pickups around the map, and spawn...
  11. ethosaur

    cp_bloodcrystal_event 2021-08-10

    An old capture/defense event map I made a while ago, with two stages. It's pretty buggy, unoptimized and probably not very balanced/well tested, but some may still find some fun in it! Made for 2015's community halloween event. This is a halloween reskin of my other map, cp_snowcrystal...
  12. ethosaur

    ctf_hellpower 2021-08-04

    This was an old "goof around" mannpower halloween map I made back in 2015. It's not very balanced and a bit poorly optimized, but if you want to mess around, it may still be fun! The map is designed for Mannpower, It has a theme set in hell, where lava is a big obstacle. Use the the grappling...
  13. Yaki

    Lavafall (waterfall001 reskin) Initial Release

    This is a quick reskin of the waterfall under props_forest, as seen in maps like ctf_sawmill. This reskin uses vmts that direct to "nature/underworld_lava001", so no new textures. Does not come with particles.
  14. halfcircle

    Malcano A3

    2cp attack/defend map that i've been working on for the past week or so. hoping to develop this past early alpha cause i like the look & design i have going so far. comments & criticism welcome also the name comes from a fusion of volcano and the show malcolm in the middle, which i watched...
  15. Rickedy Split

    koth_sheldon_a5a a5a

    A Koth map which I've worked on for a bit, I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to leave any feedback, I need it to improve the map (please be specific when pointing out bugs or issues, and if you can, supply coordinates of any bugs you find, thank you!) Note: This map is shit, and isn't...
  16. Muenster Monster

    Hothead a3

    EDIT AT THE TIME OF POSTING THIS: The hale's spawn is far too close to the middle, given the fact it's the only option for reds to go to. An update will be made shortly to address this problem. A revival of an old map concept of mine (in the form of koth_lavafactory), I've repurposed the open...
  17. Lokk iz a skul

    How do I make a block emit light?

    I'm making a lava pit in a map that I'm working on. However, I can't for the life of me find out a way to make the lava itself emit light. (The lava being a block with a lava texture) How can I/can I make it emit light without using a separate light source?
  18. Yosh

    Eruption A1

    It's a payload race map that takes place inside a volcano. the track goes over a rickety bridge at the beginning and spirals down below itself into the pit of lava in the center for the finale
  19. JViktor

    Lavaflood B1

    The Lava will rise Randomly, dealing damage to player and blocking certain paths. But players are still able to move to the objective. Custom content used:- Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A -Boojum Snark -Map Start-up Prefab by Fr0z3n -Frontline Asset Pack -Swamp Asset Pack -Hi-res...
  20. virtualconnor4

    Lavaflow Alpha 04

    basic gameplay elements are working