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  1. spruce

    Raminea a1

    It's Tasmania but remade You can go home now I should hav called it Goldania/Tasrush (It's not very good right now but I think with a few updates it can become a better map) FAQ: Q: But why? A: Because I said so I wanted to update tasmania but opening the vmf gave me the sudden urge to punch...
  2. lag man :|

    deathcanyon 1

    This is a crap map i tried to make look good
  3. ArtZ

    Pinerock rc1

    2CP A/D map with an alpine setting. BLU pushes through a staging building to an open A courtyard and after sidewinding pushes up a hill to B, with buildings flanking either side.
  4. pont

    ctf_giants basalt assets 1

    sticks of rock as seen in ctf_giants. not to be confused with the traditional british seaside cylindrical boiled sweets of similar name. good luck rotating these all individually so you don't get texture tiling. it is an arduous process. THIS CONTAINS: - basalt column static props, under...
  5. Brushwagg Connoisseur

    Monolith a1

    lightings kinda bad, couldnt get it to work. sorry. resupply might not work, ill update soon.
  6. Hweepo

    Emberrock a3

    my second map that I've gotten to publishing stage. my chief concerns are that it might be too open or poorly lit. Credit to: • Karsch for dark rock textures • Asd417 for recolored coalmines boulders • AsG_Alligator for TF2-ified HL2 rocks • MaccyF for mirrored mining rocks • Rexy for new rock...
  7. Yaki

    Resized / Flattened Rocks Pack rc2

    Stock rocks, resized to 2x, and 2x+mirrored. Comes with collision. Also includes some flattened, mirrored, and flattened+mirrored rocks as well. Includes: rock001 rock002 rock003 rock004 +with hot/cold skin variations (excluding snow) +with physics +comes with zoo Models conveniently...
  8. Vert

    Staggering Rock a16c

    A four point payload map that I hope staggers the rocks mind. Featuring rocks. Nothing too crazy layout wise, just hoping it's fun to play.
  9. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Model A lonely map-maker needs two models retextured

    The request is very simple. I mostly need two Valve models to be retextured. The first one is models/props_lights/lamp001.mdl. I want this model to be covered with grayish metal or concrete texture. I don't want wooden material. The texture should be a little bit brighter than the lamp...
  10. halfcircle

    Malcano A3

    2cp attack/defend map that i've been working on for the past week or so. hoping to develop this past early alpha cause i like the look & design i have going so far. comments & criticism welcome also the name comes from a fusion of volcano and the show malcolm in the middle, which i watched...
  11. fubarFX

    Alpine Rocks, fixed and mirrored! 2019-05-04

    Introducing props_rocks! featuring the rocks from in props_forest and props_mvm in a cleaned up and easy to use format. No more inconsistencies! top quality gravel guaranteed. Cause let's face it, the official collection of models, it doesn't do a great job. Here's a list of issues that this...
  12. Flareblood

    Surfacing A1

    i dunno man
  13. LLamaManners

    Model Could Anyone make me some Jungle Themed stuff

    I've been looking for jungle themed stuff like waterfalls, rocks, textures and sprites but i cant seem to find them. If you have found any of these, please redirect me to the links, that would be great. If you have made any of these, please share the download link, that would also be great...