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  1. Will Alfred

    adctf_Holtzmann A9

    A Map made for the ADCTF contest back in 2021. MrModez / Setup Track for Team Fortress 2 Classic TF2C Team | Team Fortress 2 Classic's Dev Textures
  2. Yelta + 옐다

    cp_mill Alpha

    Originall inspired by Nine Men's Morris, the layout of this map makes for a perfect jam or trading map. The layout allows for a switch to Medieval Mode and back. It has a little bit of a KotH feeling, since all of the control points are on top of the walls that you can reach in multiple ways...
  3. halfcircle

    Malcano A3

    2cp attack/defend map that i've been working on for the past week or so. hoping to develop this past early alpha cause i like the look & design i have going so far. comments & criticism welcome also the name comes from a fusion of volcano and the show malcolm in the middle, which i watched...
  4. C

    Moon Dustbowl a1

    Reimagining of dustbowl with a moonbase/space theme. Currently only stage 1. I tried to gauge the size of the original with screenshots instead of direct measurements to make a map that's similar but not exactly identical. I accidentally overscaled the section around the second point but want to...
  5. Cindycomma

    Grist A4

    Hey look, an Attack/Defend map? That I made? Yes, I finally got around making a map that isn't KotH. Welcome to CP Grist, a Granary themed Attack/Defend map with 2 control points. It isn't very large, but matches can take upward of 10 minutes to finish, which gives it somewhat of a Gorge feel in...
  6. SnakedSnack

    Multi Stage [CP] Urban Scramble 2018-07-14

    Welcome to Urban Scramble! Small city tematic map with 3 stages/2 points each stage. The second map from the workshop I made for half a year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map and .res file to work can be downloaded here ...
  7. TwinMill

    CP_WindFactory A2

    "We have a problem, sir. We've run out of wind to power the turbines!" "There's no choice, then. We need to make more." Welcome to CP_WindFactory! A thing that was supposed to work, but couldn't, in a place that exists, that shouldn't. This is your boy TwinMill's second map ever, the first one...
  8. ISPuddy

    No Attack + No Jump + No Crouch Zone 1

    when player inside these trigger will disable their fire button , alt-fire button , jump button and crouch button put them in your prefabs folder. no_attack.vmf no_duck.vmf no_jump.vmf -this is for those who doesn't have the special fgd or does't know how to use actually...
  9. superhimax

    Machine Attacks Remastered V1 Pack Part2 2017-02-28

    a second pack of machine attacks (ep9 - ep16) but this is a massive file. it's a custom story mode of mvm, not consider whoever like normal mvm mode. If you want something new then you are welcome.
  10. superhimax

    Custom TF2 story map

    I have played some story map like Machine Attacks, It's like death run but also fighting the robots For someone wants some new experiences I suggest you should play it once. Or you can find this map and play at these servers: -Getsome -TF.titan -Gooie
  11. superhimax

    Machine Attacks Remastered V1 Pack Part1 2017-02-17

    Machine Attacks is custom mvm campaign mode map. with a story and puzzles, and special upgrades for this map. there are many bonuses in these maps like Mannpowers, Buffs and more. If you want to play some difference way, you should try it. These maps is not favorable for whoever doesn't like...
  12. Fillmore

    Carthage Beta 1

    At 0330, a covert assault unit of BLU soldiers infiltrate a village residing along Fisher's Shore, known for its prized canned fish and other seaside goods. Intel has revealed that hidden in this village, is an ammunition factory controlled by RED to support their war efforts. It is due to this...