Malcano A3

2cp a/d with lava and rocks and stuff

  1. Version A3

    Major Changes
    - last has been overhauled once again (this is the part of the map that needs the most feedback)
    - left route for BLU has been widened slightly and has its rock moved to combat sneaky airblasts
    - BLU now has a forward spawn (probably should've been there in a1)

    Minor Changes
    - most roof edges have been turned nonsolid
    - you can now jump off the outside area in BLU spawn and kill yourself, have fun (as at least two people wished they could do in the feedback)
    - the rock-jump-thing in front of A has been replaced by a displacement slope to make it easier to get back up
    - A capture time increased by 1 second (23->24)

    Version Notes
    the new last is more inspired by gorge's last and adds big height advantage over the point for attackers. BLU can also wrap around the sides of the point to attack RED directly on their high ground and have flank routes to destroy sentries and break strong defenses. I think the geometry overall is more interesting to play on, though I am worried about some particularly strong sightlines and think the entire point area might still be a little overscaled (testing will reach a conclusion). BLU's forward spawn also makes it WAY easier and faster to get to the point, and the fact there are no more near-impenetrable sentry spots (hopefully) will make the last feel more even for both teams. overall, I'm looking for feedback on the last as a whole this version, as well on the positioning of the forward spawn (because I thought about where to put it for a very long time), and i hope stuff plays well. also, I redid some logic and added some dynamic stuff for this update, so I can only hope nothing is broken.

    cp_malcano_a30001.png cp_malcano_a30002.png cp_malcano_a30003.png cp_malcano_a30004.png cp_malcano_a30005.png cp_malcano_a30007.png

    thanks & enjoy
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