Malcano A3

2cp a/d with lava and rocks and stuff

  1. Version A2

    Major Changes
    - map is now in dark mode (night theme, may or may not keep it)
    - new exit from BLU spawn
    - made flanks feel more flanky and less "small main route"
    - widened path along the left side to A to make it feel more "main"
    - added parts of solid ground to the lava in front of A to make it not as annoying
    - added slight high ground for BLU on their left side of A
    - widened A building significantly and made building behind lead into it
    - last + the lobby leading into last has been basically completely redone, lava damage pit + fans removed entirely
    - lava curtain cover removed
    - simplified routes underneath A
    - probably some other stuff

    Minor Changes
    - details in a bunch of places
    - different props/cover in some places
    - different health pickup locations to correspond w/ new geometry
    - team-colored doorframes on most entrances to buildings to help with identification
    - added signage for navigation
    - different lava texture from the maritime pack (I think it's better than the tf2 hell lava, but it's still not that great-looking)
    - map is now repacked
    - probably some other stuff

    Version Notes
    one of the biggest complaints about A1 was that every route to A felt very campable and unsafe, so I decided to widen the main left path to make it more appealing, add some high ground to make BLU more easily able to approach the point, and added a flank onto RED's high ground on the opposite side of the point. I'm not completely happy with the layout still, as it is pretty easy for soldiers to just jump from A's roof onto teams coming up that left path, killing everyone for free, but it may or may not be a huge problem. I'm also not 100% about last, but I think at least the entrances are better, as BLU gets more cover when walking in through main

    all in all, this is a very big update, and I hope the changes play well -- if not, I may have to rethink large portions of the map.

    thanks & enjoy

    cp_malcano_a20000.png cp_malcano_a20001.png cp_malcano_a20002.png cp_malcano_a20003.png cp_malcano_a20004.png cp_malcano_a20005.png
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