Lunar Launch

Lunar Launch A3

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Lunar Launch A3

Sabotage the enemies lunar launch in this passtime map!

Both teams have the resources ready to launch their rockets, but they cant do it until they're sure the competition is out of the way. Take the jack and use its explosive capabilities to sabotage the enemies lunar launch and win glory for your team!

A good chunk of audio, visuals, and detailing is missing until I get a layout finalized. Speaking of which during testing I'll be doing my best to chop up and redo parts of the map until a good pass map emerges from its ashes.


LunarLaunch_a1_2.jpg LunarLaunch_a1_3.jpg LunarLaunch_a1_4.jpg LunarLaunch_a1_5.jpg
LunarLaunch_a1_6.jpg LunarLaunch_a1_8.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 3: Fixing and Breaking

    Fixing some issues, and breaking down walls to make new routes / areas accesible -The water is back -adjusted last again to encourage usage of the run in goal -added arrows to the run in goal -raised some cover to block a sniper sightline into...
  2. Lunar Launch A2

    Went throgh and changed some things around -Clipped stairs! I think I missed one or two sets though... -Remove water in mid / tunnels for now -straightend some props -straightend and centered all the health and ammo -filled some empty spaces...