pd_sandball a1

Bake in the sun with a custom scout only melee map

  1. Flipy
    Have fun in the sun as you beat all your freinds to death alongside prime tourist destinations! Collect thingermabobs from your enemies to be the first team to get the most thingermabobs and watch the map explode because I didnt have time for an actual finale!

    sandball has built in limitations to the gameplay space in the map
    -Scout Only
    -Medieval mode enabled
    -Sandman and Wrap assasin get 4+ extra ammo
    -No fall Damage
    -Extra jump height
    -Kills heal

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  1. wow I woke up 30 minutes before the jam ended

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  1. Orangy57
    Version: a1
    I mostly gave this five stars because of ligma but the map itself is really well done. The lighting's beautiful, but i wish there were servers that hosted maps like these so that i could try them out with more than three people.