Lunar Launch A3

Sabotage the enemies lunar launch in this passtime map!

  1. Alpha 3: Fixing and Breaking

    Fixing some issues, and breaking down walls to make new routes / areas accesible

    -The water is back
    -adjusted last again to encourage usage of the run in goal
    -added arrows to the run in goal
    -raised some cover to block a sniper sightline into the buildings
    -connected the two tanks on the side buildings
    -added new passageway into side buildings
    -Super lazily added some extra pipes to the tanks for an easier climb up
    -added a route onto the balcony inside each building
    -added a way for all...
  2. Lunar Launch A2

    Went throgh and changed some things around

    -Clipped stairs! I think I missed one or two sets though...
    -Remove water in mid / tunnels for now
    -straightend some props
    -straightend and centered all the health and ammo
    -filled some empty spaces outside of forward spawns
    -Changed cave route into last so that its less rushable
    -Changed area outside of forward spawn to make it less open
    -Fixed red spawning in the wrong spot on match start
    -Dont have to crouch for the vault dropdown
    -Added knock...