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Lionroar rc1


  1. basilhs333
    first of all i see what you are thinking. what? thats a new map been uploaded and it starts with rc1? well the map is a reskin of an existing one which is pl_cliffedge. i put some good work their and thanks to Crowbar , muddy ,crash and some other people who helped i managed to solve many problems. i previously uploaded my map on the workshop on beta version and now i am importing it to rc1 because i am happy on how it turned out to be and i feel its ready.
    thanks again to everyone who helped me with his feedback etc.

    overall the map is made for the jungle update which valve announced on their blogpost.
    The Map is Based on a tropical island where the blue team was a temple which is devoted on "god lion" which temple red is threating to destroy but the blu team is going to fight back....
    the map has some easter eggs and features that you can descover! so keep your eyes open! and enjoy the map. 20170621121725_1.jpg 20170621121736_1.jpg 20170621121747_1.jpg 20170621121755_1.jpg 20170621121802_1.jpg 20170621121812_1.jpg 20170621121822_1.jpg 20170621121837_1.jpg 20170621121845_1.jpg 20170621121852_1.jpg 20170621121900_1.jpg


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