72hr koth_underground_tunnels 2017-02-11

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72hr koth_underground_tunnels 2017-02-11

My attempt at the 72hr Jam. (Also my first TF2 map)

My steam profile: " http://steamcommunity.com/id/DeathAnimations/ "
Yeah, this was my first tf2 map. :engieyay:
Sorry for any bugs, im still getting started...

This map is a secret underground warehouse in which both teams work, well... they kinda worked... let's see which team can actually conquer the facility.

- Time to make: 9 hours

- Started/Finished: 10/02/2017 / 11/02/2017

- It's koth, so only 1 main control point, i had the idea of adding 2 more control points but that idea was discharged due to bots confusion.

- I recommend 4-20 players.

- I may have used some FRONTLINE TEXTURES, so if you see any error textures thats probably becouse of this.

- The AI bots work kinda well on this map with the exeption of the engineer, sometimes his constructions are kinda bad placed...

- If you want to send my any tips for me to get better you can send me anytime. I'll take a look and thanks. =)

- This map was quick to make but lots and lots of effort was made into it, so have fun!! :jimijam:

- Some prints of the map:
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