72hr koth_underground_tunnels 2017-02-11

My attempt at the 72hr Jam. (Also my first TF2 map)

  1. DeathAnimations Team
    My steam profile: " http://steamcommunity.com/id/DeathAnimations/ "
    Yeah, this was my first tf2 map. :engieyay:
    Sorry for any bugs, im still getting started...

    This map is a secret underground warehouse in which both teams work, well... they kinda worked... let's see which team can actually conquer the facility.

    - Time to make: 9 hours

    - Started/Finished: 10/02/2017 / 11/02/2017

    - It's koth, so only 1 main control point, i had the idea of adding 2 more control points but that idea was discharged due to bots confusion.

    - I recommend 4-20 players.

    - I may have used some FRONTLINE TEXTURES, so if you see any error textures thats probably becouse of this.

    - The AI bots work kinda well on this map with the exeption of the engineer, sometimes his constructions are kinda bad placed...

    - If you want to send my any tips for me to get better you can send me anytime. I'll take a look and thanks. =)

    - This map was quick to make but lots and lots of effort was made into it, so have fun!! :jimijam:

    - Some prints of the map:


    1. Nova Imagem de Bitmap (7).jpg
    2. Nova Imagem de Bitmap (2).jpg
    3. Nova Imagem de Bitmap (3).jpg
    4. Nova Imagem de Bitmap (4).jpg
    5. Nova Imagem de Bitmap (6).jpg
    6. Nova Imagem de Bitmap.jpg
    7. Nova Imagem de Bitmapasdsad (5).jpg