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[CTF] Vosstaniya Trainstation 2018-07-30

It has trains and barbed wires with trigger_hurts, careful with that

A map located in a trainstation section in Saint-Petersburg - Russia.
Also our entry to the TF2 72h Summer Jam!

Useful Info about this map:
- This map was requested by my friend Cap Fordo. (Also a sweet gift for all my russian friends out there.)

- Creator of the map - DiFFU
- Ideas + Support + Help with translations + Testing - Cap Fordo | B.O.F.F

- Contains nav infos for bots to work on the map folder, they shouldn't need to be installed unless something went wrong on the publish of this map. (The nav gen should be packed within the map.)

- This map took to 59 hours to design, create, test, and fix some really weird bugs that were making the map have conflicts.

- There might be some bugs here and there, I'm really sorry if you find any.

- The train will kill you if you touch the front/rear of it. The barbed wires around the map also hurt a bit.
So be careful there mates! :D

- Help information (This will be updated as new problems are found by players) -
Q • The bots often bug on the extra red spawn.
A • I ran out of time when I was working on the nav gen so I couldn't make it perfect, however the bots will eventually find their way out of the spawn.

Q • There are some light issues on certain map parts.
A • The map wasn't compiled has it should had, once we finished the map we came across a weird bug that made the map pitch black, aparently, the way I fixed this was by compiling very poorly the map light, then once again the time was short and I had to rush the issue. (We are lucky the map even has light at all because on the way things were going I really thought the map would have to become a unlit map.)

- This map was made with the help of:
- Cap Fordo | B.O.F.F
- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198396290786/
- https://tf2maps.net/members/fordo.29781/

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Story: This is a regular russian trainstation with nothing special at all, the station was active with tons of people traveling on it until two crazy mercenary teams showed up and invaded the whole thing, destroying, barricading and blocking any contact with the world outside one particular trainstation section. It seems they arrived with some pretty important intel that they don't want to lose by any means to anyone...View attachment 84051 View attachment 84051
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Nice lookin' map!
DeathAnimations Team
DeathAnimations Team
Thank you, I spent 2 nights and 3 days without sleeping to finish it. xD