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[MvM] Greenvine 2017-06-24

My first MvM map, also attempt at the Mappers Vs Machines contest

  1. DeathAnimations Team
    My attempt at Mappers Vs Machines contest. (Also my first MvM map).


    - Forest/jungly like map (Also "greenish" ambience) -

    - 2 paths for the robots to pass and 1 for the tanks. -

    - 2 difficulties only: Normal + Hard -
    (Since this was my first map, I didn't really tried to make much difficulties since I would need lots and lots of testing, maybe my next map will have more.)

    Known issues:

    -The robots sometimes bug a little in certain props -
    Don't worry however, they'll find their normal path in just some seconds. (Is also good for you to get a little break because these waves are pretty hard.)

    -The robots can be killed at their spawn -
    Yeah.. I don't know how to make robots invincible, so... if you want to grab all the credits you should wait for them to reach the playble map.

    - Ambience shadows -
    I tried fixing these in EVERY way possible, couldn't fix them.

    - If you airblast a robot with the thermite briefcase (bomb) to the jungle pit the robots will start suiciding themselves into there-
    It came out has a Nav generate bug, however I think it's pretty normal for robots to bug their programming in a hard terrain forest. Also it's a great opportunity for the players to rest up for some seconds.

    -The bomb is a briefcase-
    I tried using the bomb model but it just wouldn't read it for some reason. The model i typed in was: "models/props_td/atom_bomb.mdl"
    Still I didn't get really upset with this bug since the map's story doesn't have a bomb but a thermite briefcase.

    • If anyone knows the solution to any of these bugs I would really much appreciate it. •

    Greenvine story:

    Greenvine is a forest/jungle choosed by BLU and RED mercs to install their Mann co. warehouses separated by a giant pit.

    As it was obvious, BLU and RED mercs started countless battles, stealing eachothers warehouse's contents and of course, the gold both BLU and RED hatches behind the warehouses contained.

    It all went to waste, and after months struggling, both mercs abandoned these warehouses, it wasn't a big deal, Mann co haves countless warehouses all around the world.

    However RED spys found that Grey mann was after the RED warehouse's hatch, "Why?" the RED mercs ask to each other...
    After some research it seems RED had forgotten a huge ammount of gold at the underground levels of the hatch's safe.

    The mercs didn't really cared about Grey Mann's robots since they would be using a normal bomb to steal their gold right? However, they panicked when they found that Grey Mann somehow knew about the underground levels of the hatch, and to reach them, he sended robots with a very powerfull thermite briefcase.

    The RED mercs needed to go back to their old warehouse and defend that gold at all costs until it was safely secured by the engineers.

    --- Have fun! :engieyay: ---

    - I might continue this story in my next TF2 maps since it's way to interesting to just throw away don't you guys think? :intelgray:





    Images of the map:


    1. 20170621223411_1.jpg
    2. 20170622173024_1.jpg
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