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MvM Pirate's Beach Planet! Beta v0.2


  1. DeathAnimations Team
    This map is part of a Team Fortress 2 Community project called "The Alien MvM project!"
    Click here for more information.

    A MvM map based on the "The Invasion Update" Lead by Ronin And the 2018's Steam Summer Sale game "Saliens" by Valve

    Usefull Info about these map series:

    - There are custom population files packed on the map folder (Will need manual installation)
    - Creator of the "intermediate" difficulty + The map - DiFFU
    - Creator of the "advanced" difficulty - Wazzup
    - Server Host for the map's testing - [FP]Andrew Adolf

    - Contains nav infos for bots/robots to work on the map folder, they shouldn't need to be installed unless something went wrong on the publish of this map. (They should be packed within the map.)

    - This map took around a week to create and design of the pop files.

    - There might be some bugs here and there, I'm really sorry if you find any. It is a BETA and I'll try to fix them if possible.

    However the bomb is not water proof and will in fact reset if a robot with it falls in it.

    - Help information (This will be updated as new problems are found by players) -
    Q • The map sometime crashes with a "Source Engine" error.
    A • That is very possible to be the Source engine's entity limit, because I added to many props on the map, I'm trying to fix it by removing more entities but it costs the map's details.

    - This map was made with the help of:
    - Wazzup [Creator of the advanced .pop file difficulty]
    [FP]Andrew Adolf [Server Host for the map's testing]

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    Down if you don't really like these types of maps.
    and Favorite if you ABSOLUTLY loved it!

    Story: For information about this map's story, check the link at the top of this description and watch our SFM animated trailer.


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