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MvM_Darkcells 2018-03-10

A MvM map based on the horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  1. DeathAnimations Team
    A MvM map based on the horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent made by an independent Swedish video game developer Frictional Games .

    Usefull Info about these map series:
    - There are custom population files made by a friend of mine Wazzup packed on the map folder (Will need manual installation)
    - Contains nav infos for bots/robots to work on the map folder (Needs manual installation... possibly)
    - This map took around half a week to create and one full week for the design of the pop files + testing.
    - There might be some bugs here and there, I'm really sorry if you find any.
    - Some of the map's torches can be lighted. (Highly recommended to light them up before the waves, though it's your choice really.)

    - Help information (This will be updated as new problems are found by players) -
    Q • I see some texture issues like little spacings between map geometry.
    A • I'm sorry about those, I always try to fix them but I can't, they only show up in-game and not on the Hammer program, I think it's related to the map's lighting.

    - This map was made with the help of:
    - Wazzup [Map Population files director]
    - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089097733/

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    Story: You woke up in a weird underground looking room, behind you is a locked red door, you see your teammates, they're all confused as well... you find a upgrade station in the room, it's wierd, no one to recieve your money however when you place it on the table it vanishes swallowed by a meat-like tumor that rises from the table, at least it doesn't make you any harm AND gives you your working upgrades.
    You and your team explore the underground complex, lighting torches as you roam, then you hear a machine rumble, THEY are coming, THEY want to destroy a hatch that you found in front of the room you woke up in. You don't know why but you have the feeling that the key for the red door is down there, the key for this hell's exit, and you need to protect it at all costs...


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