KotH koth_timbrr b2

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L2: Junior Member
Jul 23, 2016


L2: Junior Member
Jul 23, 2016
- Ground is generally less flat
- Replaced trees closest to point with a cylindrical building.
- Replaced rocks/shed right of point with some more interesting terrain
- Lowered map brightness
- Can no longer get stuck on the train if you ride it all the way to the tunnel
- Added some more clipping to places that needed clipping. Most notably on the steps around the control point
- Fixed spawn doors clipping
- Added small walls behind the bridge over the tracks. This should make it easier for players on the low ground to deal with players/sentries on the bridge (with splash damage)
- Adjusted health/ammo
- Added a small health/ammo kit far near the new hill
- Increased small health kit behind fence near point to a medium health kit
- Decreased medium health kit on top floor of building to a small health kit
- Made the hidden medium health/ammo in the little cubby hole less hidden
- Moved the misleading platform in spawn
- Fixed the door near the log piles so it shouldn't get confused by players standing still around it
- Announcer voicelines should be louder
- Removed damage trigger on the saw blade in spawn (for now)
- Minor texture changes
- Minor lighting changes

Still lots more detailing to do. Mainly wanted to test how the new terrain beside the point plays. Any and all feedback welcome

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