koth_horse A7

A small, rotationally symmetrical koth map in a landfall style.

  1. - Moving forward

    Again, thank you for all the feedback, sorry I wasn't able to be there, the server was full and the new bot hasn't been programmed to notify the creator when a map is being tested.

    A few things I got out of the demo and feedback:

    1. Too easy to defend.

    This one has been a problem from the start. When one team captures the point, they almost always keep it. My inability to understand high ground probably lead to this.

    2. The spawn area (and surrounding buildings).

  2. - Minor change to make mid more enjoyable.

    The room with the tank door in was fun, but the exit was too cramped, so I shortened the room and moved the exit back, making mid more open.
  3. - Fixed a prop being on red side and not blu, and also changed some textures.

    Not much of an update, more of a fix to a few problems from a6. I also changed some textures on the roofs of the big buildings because I'm that picky.
  4. - Theme changes and other stuff too.

    This update is much smaller than the last one, but I feel it's still important.

    - Changed theme to be more similar to landfall, rather than sawmill (aka made it bright and sunny)

    - Added platforms to the other 2 trees, and added paths from one building to the other across them.

    - Added even more ammo.

    - Changed and added some pieces of cover.
  5. - Reworked everything

    - Thanks everyone for the feedback, it really helped. While I got loads of suggestions, I've boiled it down to a few big things that need fixing and hopefully, have been fixed.

    1. The size
    The main criticism of the map is how small everything was. This lead to really annoying, "chokey" gameplay. Those who were online last time will be happy to know that the majority of the map has been redone. It is now fairly larger, and more diverse vertically.

    2. The point
    Being a koth...
  6. - Fixed red door not opening properly

    One of the 2 red spawn doors wasn't set up properly, and would only open when you bumped into it. So I figured I would fix it now rather than later.