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  1. gamerchungus27

    koth_canary a1

    Welcome to the abandoned coal mines of New Mexico! Here you'll enter into the mines, and be able to go down through the abandoned shafts of the mines to capture the objective. (Currently still graybox as I am still balancing the map)
  2. Zacco

    pl_boulevard A1

    This is a map that I made for fun, with literally no idea on how the first or last point would look before starting work on it. You may notice that some parts of the map do look like other maps (and you might be right). I don't know what to do with this map and even before I THINK about...
  3. Spleep

    koth_horse A7

    Koth_horse is my third map, and the only one I've posted here. It is fully functioning and playable, but is pretty well all graybox at this point. The name is temporary and has nothing to do with the map, however I have no idea what else to call it, so... "Horse" it is.