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koth_horse A7

A small, rotationally symmetrical koth map in a landfall style.

Koth_horse is my third map, and the only one I've posted here. It is fully functioning and playable, but is pretty well all graybox at this point. The name is temporary and has nothing to do with the map, however I have no idea what else to call it, so... "Horse" it is.

20190809110823_1.jpg20190809110839_1.jpg 20190809110854_1.jpg 20190809110859_1.jpg 20190809110919_1.jpg 20190809110933_1.jpg
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. - Moving forward

    Again, thank you for all the feedback, sorry I wasn't able to be there, the server was full and the new bot hasn't been programmed to notify the creator when a map is being tested. A few things I got out of the demo and feedback: 1. Too easy to...
  2. - Minor change to make mid more enjoyable.

    The room with the tank door in was fun, but the exit was too cramped, so I shortened the room and moved the exit back, making mid more open.
  3. - Fixed a prop being on red side and not blu, and also changed some textures.

    Not much of an update, more of a fix to a few problems from a6. I also changed some textures on the roofs of the big buildings because I'm that picky.