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  1. Tianes

    Animal Cutout Prop Pack 2023-06-05

    Featuring cutouts of: Camel Chicken Deer Donkey Fox Goat Horse Hyena Llama Pig Rabbit Sheep Wolf
  2. RednessQuaver

    Armed Cavalry | Warpaint 2022-07-24

    Vote for it on the workshop! This is my first warpaint made for the TF2Maps Summer 2022 72 Hour Jam! Armed Cavalry Here's how it looks on a few weapons! My personal favorite is the Airstrike though. ;) I was inspired to make this after seeing images of various Paint Horses. I thought their...
  3. Spleep

    koth_horse A7

    Koth_horse is my third map, and the only one I've posted here. It is fully functioning and playable, but is pretty well all graybox at this point. The name is temporary and has nothing to do with the map, however I have no idea what else to call it, so... "Horse" it is.