koth_horse A7

A small, rotationally symmetrical koth map in a landfall style.

  1. - Reworked everything

    - Thanks everyone for the feedback, it really helped. While I got loads of suggestions, I've boiled it down to a few big things that need fixing and hopefully, have been fixed.

    1. The size
    The main criticism of the map is how small everything was. This lead to really annoying, "chokey" gameplay. Those who were online last time will be happy to know that the majority of the map has been redone. It is now fairly larger, and more diverse vertically.

    2. The point
    Being a koth map, the control point is the most important part of the map. A4's control point was horrible. Putting the point on the high ground was a bad idea. So, I've completely redone it. I'm currently using EArkham's giant sequoia tree as my middle point and a few other spots. (its actually a place holder "dev tree", but it's the same size and shape).

    3. The buildings
    All of the previous buildings on the map were cramped and useless. I've removed the majority of these, and replaced them with new ones that are more essential to the game play of the map. Unfortunately that means I removed the building that resembles a horse slightly, leaving this map with no reason to be named "horse". Darn.

    4. Smaller things
    - Added more ammo and health.
    - Nerfed sightlines for snipers. (Not really a small change, but I don't have much to say about it so...)

    Thanks again for the feedback, I look forward to doing it again!
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