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KOTH_Coastal A3

A small KOTH map set in the early morning in a mountain range.

Coastal is a King of the Hill map, that I have been working on off and on for the last few weeks. It currently does not have proper texturing, but I intend for it to have either a medieval or alpine theme.

It consists of a basic Viaduct formula, a two entry spawn, small courtyard, with two buildings. The first building has two exits; one leading straight to the control point, and the other one leading straight to the battlements. The battlements have a trapdoor which leads into a full health pack. The second building simply leads onto the mid point. The mid has lots of cover, is raised and is only accessible via two ramps.

w4r | barbaricpancake
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King of the Hill

Latest reviews

very big map and Linear so are the many snipers.you will do small passages.do more than 2 road to the poin.add med kit,ammo.good luck