KOTH Tools a6

Sometimes improper mapping practices can be beautiful.

  1. Alpha 6 (koth_tools_a6)

    • Added height variation to capture point area and altered obstacles to match.
    • Fixed resupply in BLU spawn not working.
    • Increased transparency of fake triggers.
    • Fixed a random gap inbetween a ramp and a platform.
    • Increased size of capture zone.
    • Fixed upper area doors allowing players to get through from the unintended side.
    • Changed lighting to light entities to produce brighter and more natural shadows.
    • Minor changes to health and ammo pickups.
  2. Alpha 5 (koth_tools_a5)

    • Spawn areas resized greatly and obstacles added.
    • All clipping issues fixed and all ramps turned into staircases with fake playerclipping.
    • Fixed visibility issue where it was possible to see the leak from the spawn areas.
  3. Alpha 4 (koth_tools_a4)

    • Added early leak minigame that happens for 6 seconds after a capture and at the end of a round.
    • Added health and ammo pickups and more obstacles.
    • Normal developer textures replaced with brighter versions by nyronic.
    • Overhauled fake playerclipping.
    • Spawn area exterior and capture point hallways shifted slightly.
    • Adjusted triggers for upper area doorways.
    • Reduced number of entities in map.