Klondike a3

Player Destruction in a mine in northwestern Canada

  1. a1a

    Mostly just visual and sound changes
    Full changelog:
    • "Sixty seconds" voiceline now plays at 60 seconds, not 75
    • Fixed lighting on corrugated metal at mid
    • Changed skybox, light_environment, and fog
    • Added smooth lighting groups to tunnels and sewers
    • Added hard lighting groups to a number of ramps
    • Fixed Z-fighting at red spawn
    • Slightly changed lighting in spawns
    • Fixed a displacement at mid
    • Added some lighting underneath balconies
    • Changed positioning of lights in train tunnel flank
    • Moved main door out of the main building to match the others
    • Increased the ammount of snow around the pillar at mid
    • Added BLU logo across from RED logo on building at mid
    • Removed an accidental light
    • Relaligned textures on truss supports on blue side
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