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  1. AlrexX

    Downstream B2

    View: Deep in the forests of Silver Creek, we find a quaint little river amidst forgotten old industrial buildings. Here, Red and Blue are battling it out old-fashioned style, for no particular reason (other than the fact that they claim the opposing team attacked...
  2. AlrexX

    CTF Downstream

    AlrexX submitted a new resource: Downstream - Capture the Flag map set in a quiet forest creek. Read more about this resource...
  3. AlrexX

    Downstream B4a

    View: Deep in the forests of Silver Creek, we find a quaint little river amidst forgotten old industrial buildings. Here, Red and Blue each have crucial intel on... something. Maybe the creek's water has special properties? Who knows what these numbnuts are up to...
  4. spruce

    Raminea a1

    It's Tasmania but remade You can go home now I should hav called it Goldania/Tasrush (It's not very good right now but I think with a few updates it can become a better map) FAQ: Q: But why? A: Because I said so I wanted to update tasmania but opening the vmf gave me the sudden urge to punch...
  5. AlrexX

    Downstream B1

    View: Deep in the forests of Silver Creek, we find a quaint little river amidst forgotten old industrial buildings. Here, Red and Blue are fighting over control of the area. Why, you may ask? We may never know. This is the original KOTH variant of the map, you can...
  6. floating hat

    nightout a5b1

    koth map taking place at night somewhere in a forest
  7. Stiffy360

    Aspen Trees 1.0000001

    A collection of 6 aspen trees of various sizes. Includes summer, autumn, and dead varieties. It's recommended to disable self shadowing for the props, and use -staticproplighting -staticproppolys and -textureshadows for light calculation. Vrad Entries for texture shadows. forcetextureshadow...
  8. Dasprucegoose

    cp_dasprucegoose_mc24_a1 a1

    Prompt: Prompt from Brushwagg Connoisseur
  9. Phe

    vsh_distillery 23w18b

    A vsh map using Lizard Of Oz's logic/vscript
  10. TurquoiseLeaf

    Trainpass a1

    Standard koth map where the point is on the side.
  11. Fault in Maps

    Dayspring a14

    Originally orphaned by DoctorDoomTrain, Dayspring has gotten overhauled and is ready to be played again! I always felt there was a strong base with the orphaned version of the map, so I am so excited that I got to work on it! The last version was a8, I skipped a9 cause starting at a1(0) was...
  12. Aulli

    Goldwood (Arena) a2b

    With the Original 5cp variant of Goldwood originating from a mode shift, I thought it'd only be right to give it another mode shift spinoff as I'm nearing completion. Custom assets:
  13. floating hat

    waterfall map A1

    this was one of my 1st maps i made when i started making maps and when i found it again i wanted to "finish" it by that i mean i want to atleast make it playable i know the map is too detailed for being still in alpha state but when i started i didnt know about this website so i would only...
  14. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Rumble in the Jungle Gameday!

    Get your jungle boots and booty shorts ready! Cause it's time to delve deep into the local jungle and play some fun Jungle themed maps! For this gameday, as you could prolly guess, it's all about Jungle themed maps! Forests are close enough, so some of them are included! WHERE:
  15. Pdan4

    Pdan4's Piney Park Pack Part 1

    The first entry into a series forming a small pack, ushering in the pastoral and forested scenes of the USA's national parks with pine trees. Part 1 features over 76 alternate-color wood textures.
  16. Springy

    coalmap 72hr a4

    Made for the 72hr jam Attack or defend this abandoned train station, followed by... a bunker(?) Credits: Thin pine trees by Diva Dan The BulletCrops Pack
  17. LoFi Otter

    Hilltop Storage B1

    Hilltop Storage takes place in the springtime of 1968 in a remote lumber storage facility and its surrounding area. The Reds and Blus have each simultaneously realized the massive amount of money to be earned if they were to control the warehouse located at the top of a hill within the mountain...
  18. Tagoz LFT

    koth_pipeworks b1

    koth_pipeworks_b1 Made for 4s, may work in 6s :]
  19. mixa

    The Last Tree a6

    This is my first map, i think i did a good job, there are quite a few trimp spots, not really a lot of flank routes, its quite open. Some parts were inspired by viaduct and some by harvest. Also the cp hologram is way higher on the tree. There are some texture issues but they dont really affect...
  20. Markus1002

    Pinewood A2

    This is the first map that I've actually uploaded, and I'm looking forward to improving it in the future. The map is a King of the Hill map set in the middle of a North European boreal forest, complete with rocky terrain and possibly a lakeside view in the future. The aim of this map is to be...