isolation RC3

MvM Isolation

  1. Too COOL for rc2, skipping right to RC3


    * Added mine alcove beneath bot spawn building
    * Added spectator cameras
    * Clipped fences near deathpits
    * Fixed some issues with lightbulb props
    * Added bot engineer locations (engy_nest01, engy_nest02, engy_nest03)
    * Fixed an issue with the bomb landing on a rock in the valley
    * Fixed some clipping issues at bot spawn
    * Fixed nav mesh around boulder in valley
    * Fixed nav mesh issue on wooden walkway at entrance to valley
    * Fixed nav mesh issue on stairs of red...
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  2. Release Candidate


    * Added raised snowbank to the valley
    * Adjusted walkway on ledge at entrance to valley
    * Increased size of boulder + cover at entrance to valley
    * Adjusted fence at stairs to bomb hatch
    * Added one large ammopack at bomb hatch
    * Changed position of large health and ammopack combo at bomb hatch
    * Reduced size of redwood side room slightly
    * Added various out-of-bounds detailing
    * Updated and tweaked nav mesh

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