isolation RC3

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First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. Too COOL for rc2, skipping right to RC3

    ISOLATION RC2/RC3 CHANGES * Added mine alcove beneath bot spawn building * Added spectator cameras * Clipped fences near deathpits * Fixed some issues with lightbulb props * Added bot engineer locations (engy_nest01, engy_nest02, engy_nest03) *...
  2. Release Candidate

    ISOLATION RC1 CHANGES * Added raised snowbank to the valley * Adjusted walkway on ledge at entrance to valley * Increased size of boulder + cover at entrance to valley * Adjusted fence at stairs to bomb hatch * Added one large ammopack at bomb...

Latest reviews

After making 5 missions for this map, i simply fell in love with it...
I'll probably never stop with creating missions for this map since i like it so much, it's amazing and a masterpiece from E-arkham
A round of applause for this map. Very fun with a good variety of height differences. Both of the main middle routes act very different from each other: the outside one being much easier to guard with high ground, while the inside route is relatively difficult to guard but provides easy to use death pits for Pyros and Heavies with rage to utilize.

Map is relatively small (Decoy sized I figure) so do have some people ready to stop super scouts.