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  1. Alox

    Reskinned Spytech Props (Yellow Varients) V1

    here a lil' pack containing : - 13 Reskinned props Hope you will like them! Please be sure to credits upon using those models in your map, thanks.
  2. Wheat

    Better Spytech Doorframe Models v1

    Modified versions of valve's props_spytech/doorframe005, designed to be easy to place, with more standard unit sizes snapping to the 32x grid. There are currently six new doorframe sizes: -128x128 HU -128x160 HU -192x128 HU -192x160 HU -256x128 HU -256x160 HU
  3. Francis_A2x

    koth_datahall_beta1 1

    this map is a King Of The Hill map took place inside a big computer server room in an office. playtest it and give me a feedback and i'll fix it after that i will decorate and polish the map.
  4. Cindycomma

    Crosstalk RC1a

    See the sights! Hear the sounds! Fight to the death and stain the snow with blood! Breathe in the asbestos! Perfect family vacation hotspot. Map by @Cindycomma Overlay by @Muddy Metal textures by the Frontline Team Skybox by @Void Mainframe computer model and arctic fox cutout by @Cindycomma
  5. Onionchurro

    waterworks a2

    An Attack/Defense map ive working for a bit, and plan on balancing and poloshing, a way more focused project than my last map "cp_bunkerbusters" that got lost after wiping my ssd another atk/def map that had enough side areas and flank routes for 2 maps over
  6. Ðoge

    ultiduo_spytech rc3

    Beta was created 2 years ago exclusivle for Fooltiduo tournament, totally refreshed and released just now for competitive scene. This map is longer than usual ultiduos, specifially to give medic more space to fight; Has varius height differences to make game harder and more ineresting; Point...
  7. GeeNoVoid

    cp_spytech_mall a1

    In this thrilling episode the mercenaries fight over a public shopping mall. Made for the 2022 72 Hour Jam.
  8. Princess Birchly

    MVM Encounter Overlays Version 1.0

    Check out MVM Encounter here: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/encounter.13236/ Have you ever wanted to make a map that takes place in a Gray Mann base? No? Oh well, here's all of the signs I made for MVM's first reverse exclusive map, MVM Encounter. This pack contains: .BSP Logo (2 colours) x5...
  9. Mess About

    kimitsu 2022-07-03

    kimitsu only has 3 main entrances in-and-out the base , and can easily be controlled from spawn, it's to make sure the game becomes as stalemate as possible. Assets: Japan pack expansion by EArkham and the original Japan content pack by Freyja Screenshots:
  10. Asd417

    Ultimate Spytech Railing Bundle final

    This took a lot longer to make than I expected. But it's here for everyone to enjoy. No plans to make 45 degree angles because that's just going to quadruple(?) the models required and this was labour intensive by itself. These props do not work with existing spytech railings since its lengths...
  11. MC_Labs15

    Nepal a30b

    A complete redesign of my old map, "Thermo" (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/pl_thermo.11177/). Set near the peak of a snowy mountaintop, push the cart into a secret laboratory concealed within and destroy the dastardly experiment inside! Thanks to Nesman for the turntable prefab
  12. pivotman319

    The Spytech Chronicles 2021-12-18

    Demo and Spy work together to prevent and investigate who is behind a series of nuclear attacks in the Badlands. Custom assets used: Enhanced TF2 MVM Bot Models by NeoDement Suited Demoman by SedimentarySocks Enhanced Spy by Alaxe Frontline Supply Drop (Part 1) by donhonk, SedimentarySocks...
  13. Aapelikaeki

    Apple B2A

    Apple is a deathmatch map for Open Fortress. Fight in an abandoned apple juice factory where you can watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the comically large grinder! Discover the superspy...
  14. Mikroscopic

    Mikro's Office Space Mini-Pack a1

    Here's a small pack of office junk that I made a while ago. I was planning on adding more to it but I got busy so I decided to upload what I have. Includes: Desk lamp in 6 colors Potted plant Cardboard file boxes, opened and closed Filing cabinet in 3 colors
  15. Punn Ames Ardum

    inandout_punnamesardum 2021-09-13

    This is a submission to the In-And-Out detailing contest. Though not a perfect submission (never got to test out how to do hanging wires) I feel like this has genuinely widened my skills as a mapper. It has soundscapes and a lot more displacements than I'm used to, I feel like they really go...
  16. KrazyZark

    Dm_Dock Asset Pack V1

    Comes with custom models, textures, signs, overlays and water textures from dock. I thought I would finally release these to the public, because there just sitting in my projects folder and maybe when the odd player is on Open fortress. Now everyone can use them with my credit of course Does...
  17. Aapelikaeki

    cp_applecakey_mc16 A1

    Take a stroll trough a nice river town and end up in a secret base. Made for the 16th Microcontest with the challenge of exclusion zones. The map was constructed around pillars where there could be no gameplay space. Also fills the punch of having gameplay around 3 pillars. Uses a skybox from...
  18. Cindycomma

    Mainframe Computer 12/31/20

    This is a large computer cabinet I made a few months back but didn't bother to post publicly, but here it is! This was my most ambitious modelling project (that I finished), so I hope you enjoy! 5 skins total To use this in your map, take the props_mainframe folder out of the ZIP it's...
  19. KrazyZark

    Prototype submarine V1

    This prop was made for dock in open fortress which is set in 1975, so it may not fit in any map. have fun using it! model name is: props_dock\prototype_sub.mdl
  20. PrivateerMan

    Giant Drill 2020-12-01

    IMPORTANT: This model is not made by me. It was created by Shmitz. All credit for the model goes to him. I reuploaded it here with his permission. A colossal spytech-themed drill model. It's hollow inside, so you can fill it up with whatever you want. The doorway is 104 HU wide and 128 HU...