Hierarch RC2b

Made by DrLambda

  1. Grass Patches

    • Repacked missing grass patch texture

    I'll probably release a RC3 with a few graphical reworks in the future. Stay tuned.
  2. Oops

    • Actually compiled with Tool brushes (Clips etc)
    • Changed a few clips to blockbullets2 where it made sense
  3. Cleaning up

    • Fixed multiple building-in-spawn exploits
    • Fixed some misaligned textures
    • Fixed visible nodraw on skywalk
    • Fixed and clipped blinds in BLU spawn
    • Additional clipping (Thanks @Crowbar)
    • Added soundscapes
    • Beautified mid lower building
    • Added hidden artificial light on blue ramp to make the cliff brighter
    • Fixed a floating window
    pic01.jpg pic02.jpg pic03.jpg ...
  4. Reupload

    Reupload because of site problems
  5. RC1a - The Post-Sleepless Night Hotfix


    • Removed floating clock prop from mid building
    • Fixed a displacement seam
  6. Final polish

    • Completely redid lightning, fog and similar
    • Increased size of upper side building door by 16hu so it's harder to get stuck in the cart there.
    • Removed a double ammo pack - No idea how it got there
    • Changed water texture to a larger size
    • Changed wire texture in red spawn to make it more believable
    • Replaced train wheels with other prop because train wheels make no sense (didn't even realize those were train wheels)
    • Reworked the crossing tracks...
  7. Beta 4 - The cleanup update

    Yay, lots of cleanup, not many gameplay changes.

    Moved floating windows on red spawn onto their respective wall
    Fixed glitched displacement roof on red spawn
    Removed visible nodraw on small spawn exit door
    Moved small spawn exit doors back onto the grid
    Significantly increased the size of respawn door openers
    Added props to top roof on mid to make it clearer that you can't get there
    Added env_cubemap for water in deathpit
    Fixed water in death pit for sub dx9 hardware...
  8. Beta 3a

    Yeah, lots of work done. Filename is B3a because B3 has the old last.

    Added additional one-way path for attackers trying to push the ramps
    Added cover on bridges to make spawns harder to camp
    Moved all pickups on ramp back
    Replaced medium health kit on ramp with small one.
    Lowered barrels in barrel storage to make them less floaty
    Added some artificial light to brighten up darker places
    Added two bitchin' death pits
    Early optimization pass
    Redesigned last CP to make it easier and...
  9. Beta 2b

    Hotfix - Added missing textures
  10. Beta 2a

    Lots and lots (and lots) of clipping
    Added more lights under bridge for visibility
    Changed some lights in spawn
    Added patches under pickups
    Added a few more beams in outward buildings
    Changed glass texture on outward buildings to green for visibility
    Increased size of spawn door triggers by 48hu
    Removed a visible nodraw
    Added big signs on top of middle building to better show that you can't get over it (Model might change - BTW, i'm looking for someone to model those ^^)
    More spectator...