72hr Bloodshed A3

This is war

  1. DrLambda
    Bloodshed is my entry into the 72 hour contest. I wouldn't go as far as to call it the spiritual successor to Akuchi, because Akuchi isn't dead and the layout is quite different, but i took a lot of lessons from failed experiments with Akuchi and hope to fix them here.

    Right now, Bloodshed is a bit overdetailed for an A1, especially the spawns, but i want to get the map as close to RC1 as somehow possible in those 72 hours, so i started early. Some parts are still butt-ugly, so it evens out.

    Bloodshed makes use of the Frontline pack and is supposed to take place in an west-european style mountain village.

    It's pretty gimmick-less, because my first goal is to finally be able to finish a map within the 72hour timeframe, which is something i haven't done since GoldSrc stopped to be the engine of choice.

    Please take note that the flat low roofs are probably not going to stay for later versions. I know that they might impact gameplay in a minimal way, especially in a map that takes the word "hill" from king of the hill literally, but i don't think it'll be much of a problem.

    Hope you enjoy it, see you in an imp soon.

    PS: I already did the OOB area of the spawns because i didn't like it one bit. Hope i'll be able to push A2 within the 72 hours.

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