Hellgate Final

A Unique Payload Race Map

  1. XEnderFaceX
    Hellgate is a Payload Race Map

    Its Halloween once again!
    Blutarch and Redmond have decided to finish their rivalry once it for all, by pushing eachother to their DOOM!
    Will you be able to defend your Employer?


    Hellgate is a unique Payload Race Map with a Control Point!
    Your Team needs to capture the Control Point in the middle of the Map just like in King of the Hill.
    The Team in Control of the Point can push the cart while the opposing team cant.

    Basic information:

    Map type: Payload race
    File name: plr_hellgate
    Developer(s): XEnderFaceX, Flogzzzz

    Map Info:

    Environment: Gray Mann`s Yard
    Setting: Nighttime, Cloudy
    Deep Water: No
    Pyrovision: No


    - Gray Mann`s Mansion opens during Midnight, containing deadly Spells!


    - The Carts cant be stopped by simply standing next to them

    Map Items:

    Health Kits: Full: 0 Medium: 2 Small: 0
    Ammo Boxes: Full: 0 Medium: 2 Small: 2

    Halloween Items:

    - Skeletons
    - Spells
    - Pumpkin Bombs
    - Gray Mann's Mansion

    Voice Actors:

    Redmond - Voiced by: XEnderFaceX

    Blutarch - Voiced by: Flogzzzz

    Flythrough Video:
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNDEmlzoB9s


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