Orbital Final

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Orbital Final

Stop that Rocket!

Orbital is a Payload Map set on an Alien Investigation Site


BLU tries to blow up the Rocket built by RED, in attempt to stop their attempt of blowing up
the UFO suspended above the RED Base, so that Team BLU can study the Aliens and maybe even contact them.

Basic Information:

Map type: Payload
File name: pl_orbital
Developer(s): XEnderFaceX

Map Information:

Location: Area 51, Nevada
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Deep Water: No
Pyrovision: No

Map Items:

Health Kits:

Full: 2
Medium: 9
Small: 2

Ammo Boxes:

Full: 3
Medium: 8
Small: 0
First release
Last update

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Final

    Gameplay: ======= Players now blast away instead of Gibbing in Final Explosion Fixed wrong Announcer Voiceline playing after CP B is captured Fixed General missing Sounds Visuals: ===== General Improvements Fixed missing Particle on...
  2. RC1

    Gameplay: ======= Fixed clipping near Scaffolding Fixed clipping near BLU's First Spawn Added "Final Terminus" Announcer Voicelines Visuals: ===== Improved Menu Images Finished 3D Skybox Changed Skybox Texture Changed Lighting Updated...
  3. B4 XMAS

    Merry Christmas! B4: == Gameplay: ======= Players still in RED's first spawn will now properly Auto-Teleport when Cart's in Middle Sector Changed Cover in Middle Sector Removed Big Boulder in Middle Sector Removed props which caused...